We started National Bodybuilding Co. with two things in mind, the first, to provide high performance supplements, with grounded yet powerful formulas. The second thing? Enable aspiring athlete the world over to progress and fulfill their dreams. 

Our supplements are up, selling and have been welcomed by the elite community.  Now we're turning to stage 2, helping talented athletes get what they deserve. Starting with this, our hunt for bodybuilders to sponsor and support. 

What Do National Bodybuilding Co. Athletes Get?

Here's the exciting part, we've partnered with Generation Iron, to offer a full package that can help the right person progress into the world of bodybuilding. 

So, in short, if you get selected to be sponsored by National Bodybuilding Co. here's what you can expect:

  • Free monthly supplement stack from National Bodybuilding Co.
  • 5% commission on all orders made through you
  • Featured on the National Bodybuilding Co. ambassadors page
  • Training or posing videos on the Generation Iron website
  • Social Media shares to Generation Irons accounts 
  • Featured athlete profile and mini Interview on the Generation Iron website
  • 20 minute personal strategy call with National Bodybuilding Co. / Generation Iron Executives

The above is just the start. If athletes are successful in their work with us, a paid sponsorship could be considered alongside full competition prep . 

What Do Athletes Have to Do?

We don't want much from our athletes. We mostly ask that they live and breathe their sport and discipline, as this is what will help them to grow with us. 

  • Promote National Bodybuilding Co. products with bi-weekly updates
  • Support others and share their knowledge and passion

Who Can Apply?

As much as we'd love to sponsor everyone, in every gym, we're not quite there yet. So we're currently looking for athletes who are in the early stages of their bodybuilding career, or have never quite had that break they were looking for. 

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Active social media presence 
  • Has competed within the last 2 years or is competing in the future (in any sport or discipline) 
  • Confidence with appearing and speaking on camera 
  • In depth knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness (qualifications are good, but not essential if you're physique tells us you know your stuff)
  • Dreams and aspirations to go far

If you think this is you, then fill out the form below. We cannot answer every application and only have limited spaces in this round of our search. If you progress to the next stage, you'll hear from us. If not, keep training and checking in with us.