Strongest Fat Burner - Best for Bodybuilding

Strongest Fat Burner - Best for Bodybuilding

We wanted to do a deeper dive into Strongest - The Fat Burner from National Bodybuilding Co. and how it aims to be the best cutting supplement for not just bodybuilders, but athletes and anyone looking to shred fat as fast as possible. 

Strongest is a supplement that is just that, strong. We've created it in order to allow people fully committed to cutting to experience a pro level product while completely minimising all risks.

First off, let's take a look at the ingredients that make up Strongest - The Fat Burner. 


Strongest Formulation

strongest fat burner supplement facts

Formulating Strongest took us some time and a lot of testing. We knew creating the absolute best formula focused on cutting unwanted fat and retaining muscle was the goal. But we also wanted to factor in performance for athletes. 

After all, there's no point in taking a product that's going to completely waste all your hard won gains, and get you shredded, but also get you skinny. 

Here's why the Strongest Fat Burner formula works as one of the best fat burners for bodybuilders and athletes:

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL Alcar (550mg)

L-Carnitine is a big deal with weight loss but also with ability to enhance focus and alertness. Generally L-Carnitine will help the mitochondria in your cells burn fat for energy. The type we have used in Strongest however, also helps this energy easily cross your blood brain barrier. Leading to a high level of mental function.

Perfect for both fat loss and for athletic performance. 

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg)

We know what caffeine does. And with a solid 250mg per day, Strongest will ensure you are fuelled up right through your calorie deficit. 

Caffeine can increase levels of fat oxidation and has been linked to a reduction in pain from workouts too, allowing bodybuilders and athletes to push themselves harder.

One minor warning, is if you're stacking Strongest with Stage Ready pre workout, be aware of caffeine content.

White Willow (75mg)

White willow doesn't burn fat directly, but instead supports thermogenics in their role for fat loss. Think of it as a support crew that can ramp up the effects of the cayenne and theobromine in this supplement. 

Phenylethylamine HCL / Pea (250mg)

This is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that because of it's influence on epinephrine and norepinephrine levels in the brain, will help cut your appetite. 

Not only this though, PEA has been added to strongest to aid focus. Helping you maintain that crucial intensity during your cutting phase. 

Green Tea 15% EGCG (100mg)

A key thermogenic in nearly all fat burners. Green tea has been found to raise metabolic rate and breakdown stored fat through the effects of catechins. 

Green tea also contains caffeine, which can provide even more energy to athletes in gym sessions. 

Paradoxine / 6 Paradol / Aframomum Melegueta Extract (50mg)

Known normally as grains of paradise, this is a close relative to the ginger family and impacts cutting by speeding up the process of browning. This is when white fat is turned into darker 'brown fat' which is much more readily available to use as stored energy. 

This combined with promising results surrounding increases in metabolic rate, and grains of paradise is an excellent choice for bodybuilders looking to cut unwanted fat. 

Theobromine (50mg)

Found in high levels within dark chocolate, theobromine has found fat burning fame due to studies which saw good amounts of fat loss when it's supplemented alongside regular exercise. 

As we mentioned above, theobromine can bind to receptors in the body and help the breakdown of fat for fuel. It can also prevent the storage of further fat within the body. 

Cayenne Powder/Pepper 50 (50mg)

A pure thermogenic, cayenne extract will cause your body to heat up internally. This triggers a reaction where the body is forced to cool itself, which in turn uses up energy.

Strongest uses Cayenne in conjunction with White Willow extract for maximum fat loss effects. 

Gamma Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester / Lean GBB (20mg)

GBB can ensure your body can easily access stored fat for fuel by brining even more benefits in a similar way to l-carnitine. Why? Because Lean GBB is turned into l-carnitine in the body, which will elevate your energy levels and increase fat burning at a cellular level. 

Yohimbine HCL (1.5mg)

Yohimbine is an excellent supplement for bodybuilders burning fat, this is because it reduces the activity of the a2 receptor, which normally blocks the breakdown of fat for energy. So yohimbine promotes the breakdown of stored fat. 

How to Use Strongest Fat Burner

We recommend everyone takes 1 capsule per day for the first 4 days of using Strongest. This is in order to assess your tolerance. Once you're used to the effects, a second capsule can be introduced in the early afternoon. 

Remember, take the product with water and take with a small snack for best results. 

Here's a breakdown of the best times to take Strongest Fat Burner:

  • First Capsule - 7am
  • Second Capsule - 1pm

This is guidance only. Remember, Strongest can be supplemented at 1 capsule a day if you experience unwanted effects.

Who is Strongest For?

Strongest is for anyone looking to cut back unwanted and reveal muscle definition whilst still running a regular workout and exercise regimen. It is a poweful shred supplement

Strongest is not for people looking for a miracle pill that will burn fat whilst sitting on a sofa. Strongest Fat burner should only be used with people who have a high tolerance for caffeine and are used to supplements.  

Stacking Strongest with Other National Bodybuilding Co. Products

Strongest works well alongside our other products. New users may wish to be cautious when supplementing alongside our pre workout Stage Ready. As this could lead to a very high amount of caffeine consumption. 

Strongest and Bodybuilders Multivitamin 

Combining our fat burner and multivitamin will mean you have a high dose of all key ingredients and nutrients you need whilst maintaining a calorie deficit and cutting back fat.

Remember, when you are cutting you need to be in a calorie deficit, so getting a complete set of nutrients into your diet can be difficult. Bodybuilders Multivitamin ensures you are getting everything you need for a healthy and successful fat cut. 

Strongest and Full Prep Protein

Our vegan protein offers a clean and lean way to get a hit of muscle building protein. This ensures you have more control over your calories and fats whilst cutting. It also leads to less bloating and will make your time using Strongest much more effective and get leaner, stronger bodybuilding gains. 

Strongest and NBCo. BCAA

Use our BCAA to ensure you are getting a full delivery of muscle building amino acids throughout your cutting phase. 

Strongest helps you dominate gym sessions, so adding in a BCAA will ensure you are crushing every workout even though you're in a calorie deficit. 

Order Strongest- The Fat Burner Here.

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