Is Caffeine good for muscle building?

Is Caffeine good for muscle building?

Is a nice cup of coffee part of your morning routine?

Do you have an energy drink on your way to the gym?

We all love caffeine.

In fact, many online reports show that workout pills and drinks that contain caffeine were the most popular amongst bodybuilders.

Caffeine is known to improve your mood, increase your concentration and raise your alertness. It’s a fact that caffeinated pills can minimise pain caused by exercise and support athletes in longer workouts.

Caffeine is simply digested through the stomach and small intestine with blood levels rising circa 45 minutes after intake. Whilst in your system, caffeine will also increase your heart rate and assist with burning fat.

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is natural stimulant most commonly found in coffee. It works by stimulating your brains nerve system meaning you feel increased sharpness and concentration. The main reason that people choose to take caffeine is to prevent tiredness and give them a boost of energy.  

Caffeine acts as a hormone blocker which relaxes the brain. Caffeine has been around for centuries and is a legal stimulant that many bodybuilders rely on. It’s widely used by athletes to enhance training performances and endurance

How Does Caffeine Work? 

From the first sip of your morning coffee, Caffeine is quickly absorbed and used in your bloodstream.

When you take caffeine, whether it be in supplement or drink form, it is broken down into three other chemicals -  Theophylline, Theobromine and Paraxanthine.  

Although most people feel the benefits of caffeine basically right away, there is a slight difference between the initial effects and the aftermath once it actually gets into the bloodstream.

Caffeine has a multitude of health benefits including weight loss, performance enhancement and improved gut health. Although, there are some drawbacks to excessive caffeine that we should be aware of, such as high blood pressure and consistent headaches. For bodybuilders looking to use caffeine as a supplement to increase their training performance, it’s important that you choose the right amount of caffeine each day in order to get the best out of it.

 Why is caffeine good for bodybuilders?

Many bodybuilders turn to caffeine as a means to building muscle, but why is it effective?

It's proven that caffeine can improve your physical performance whether it be in the gym or outdoors on a run. It is the direct effect on our muscle metabolism that poses an advantage for those looking to build muscle.

The process of lipolysis is triggered by caffeine intake and can aid weight loss - which then breaks down fat used for energy and releases it into the bloodstream. This boosts your metabolism greatly as your body searches for stored fat. Therefore, your body burns the energy in the form of fats, which can help you work out for longer, building more muscle and getting rid of fat in turn.

Acting as a stimulant, caffeine reduces exhaustion and gives you the energy to keep grinding out reps. Your mood will also benefit from the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine released. In a better mood, you are more likely to train harder with increased intensity. Overall, it’s no wonder that caffeine is so popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes looking to lose fat and gain weight.

The downside of caffeine

Although there are so many benefits with caffeine, it still poses some issues if excessive amounts are used. It’s a fact that caffeine may lead to increased stress levels whilst raising your cortisol level too. This means that, if taken straight after a workout, it may slow down your body’s recovery process. So, in this case it’s better to enjoy your cup of coffee (or supplement) before heading to the gym.

Although caffeine is a great way to enhance your training regime and assist in your weight loss journey, it’s certainly not a necessity. For those looking to build muscle and shred weight quickly, adding caffeine in moderate amounts to your regime may help you achieve your desired results.

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